Without the gift from a white stallion, a violin could not sing.

Ole Kanestrom


Proper bow maintenance, including regular rehairs, will ensure that your bow will last many, many years, as well as generate top quality sound from your instrument. Rehairs are performed with the greatest care and the highest quality materials available.


Booking Dates

I no longer do walk-in, same-day rehairs. Call or email me to make a rehair reservation. Bow hair is available in either white or salt & pepper.



Rehairs are $70 per bow, not counting shipping costs. All costs must be paid in advanced through PayPal.


Packing and Shipping Instructions

While Federal Express is the preferred method of shipment, UPS is accepted, too.


  • Ship bow in a case or, if shipped in a PVC tube, wrap in tissue or bubble wrap and slip it into the tube.
  • Assure that ends are well padded and sealed!  Triangular shipping tubes are provided by both FedEx and UPS.
  • Send bow at a shipping store such as MailPlus as they are good resources for shipping materials as well as being a secure shipment destination.
  • NOTE: If possible, plan your shipping so that it does not fall on a weekend which often results in bows languishing in a wait station.


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