Crafting a bow requires incredible materials - the best available - but beyond that it takes someone with a sensitive touch, being able to feel the strengths and weaknesses, the resonance in the wood and then interpret that to make a bow that plays well. That's what really delights me is I'm able to do that, to bring out something special in a piece of wood that grows in a forest. It's magic

Ole Kanestrom


One of the greatest joys of maker and musician is to collaborate on the creation of a bow to suit the aesthetic and artistic sense of the player. To own a historic bow is indeed an honor, but to be involved in the process of working with a living maker in creating a bow that is specifically balanced for your playing style and instrument is something that collecting cannot match.


A personal visit with me in my studio is the best way to begin. Here we can discuss your needs and you will have the opportunity to play your instrument and current bow (s). If a personal visit is not possible, much can be accomplished by phone. Recordings can also helpful in getting a sense of the sound, playability, and personal style that is your own. Commissioned work requires a 20% deposit.


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